We've also worked on Last.fm, LimeWire, Winamp, Amarok, AOL Radio and more.


He says he doesn't like cereal, but his name sort of sounds like the German word for cereal. So he's got that going for him...

Past projects: Last.fm, Nokia, eMusic, Amarok


Music tech nerd with a bad social media habit.

Past projects: LimeWire, Total Music, Official.fm, MusicNow, AOL Radio, Winamp, SHOUTcast, MyStrands, Mediaor


He's taller than you think. Although, he doesn't think he's that tall.

Past projects: Amarok, KDE


Regardless of what you may have heard, he much prefers dressing up in a Sad Panda costume than a dominatrix one.

Past projects: He could tell you, but then he'd have to kill you. If, in fact, he exists at all.


Truism: when you put your head through a giant leaf in the rain forest you instantly look like you should be an extra in the "Lord of the Rings".

Past projects: Amarok, KDE


Like a movie star, he gets private planes and boats chartered for him just so he will attend a hackday.

Past projects: More music hacks than you can shake a stick at


You may have read about how, in 1964, he designed a new generation of vacuum cleaners with features such as a cord winder, self-sealing paper dust bags and a dust indicator that showed when the bag was full. This is not him.

Past projects: truShuffle, Horsify


The only one of the team smart enough to figure out how to get paid to work on Tomahawk.

Past projects: Amarok, KDE


Has higher tolerance for pain than the rest, given his hours buried in Java.

Past projects:

And many, many, more. The beauty of open-source projects is that contributors can jump in, add a feature, fix a bug, localize, or just all-around make things better.